Rituals – The Magic of Presentation

(German Version: https://conquestofmythodea.wordpress.com/2019/05/22/rituale-die-magie-der-darstellung/)

The „Jenseits der Siegel“ is just around the corner and with it, the Con with the most freedom for own rituals and ideas.

First the important facts:
Deadline for all rituals.
If you want to perform a ritual on the JdS, you have to register it till May 27th.

Please send a description of the ritual to artefakte@mythodea.de . If the goal of the ritual is to create or recreate an artifact, please enter the artifact idea at http://artifacts.mytho-tools.de

To describe a ritual you will need:

  • What is the aim of the ritual?
  • What is the scope (people and resources)?
  • Are certain materials used?
  • What is the rough schedule and what is the magic idea behind it?

Important: Rituals that are not registered will not be allowed at the event.
Rituals that result from acute plots or circumstances are excluded.

At the JdS there will be fixed ritual locations again. These are the only places where rituals are possible.
In addition there will be times, which one learns in game, at which ritual places are active.

The coordination, who needs which place when, takes place completely in game. A date coordination via the SL is not planned!
Now that we have the official part behind us, some background on the idea of rituals in Mythodea.

First of all, rituals is something for everyone. There may be characters like magicians or scholars who know rituals very well and have a lot of experience. But in Mythodea there is no limit to who can basically do a ritual.
Everybody is able to perform a ritual. Whether one has the IT knowledge here and the OT experience is then again another question.
Rituals are role play. They are representation and experience. Therefore, as often in our hobby, good and beautiful performance wins.
Clearly a ritual should be conclusive somewhere and appropriate to the size of the desired effect, but it is important that it looks good and convinces with atmosphere and passion.

Therefore, have the courage to perform!

Rituals are always an open game.

Of course a lot of time and love goes into the planning, but to role play belong unknown factors.

Therefore a ritual is never promised in advance.

A ritual, which is clearly bad in the representation or is too strongly disturbed by external factors, can simpyl fail.

Rituals where mistakes are made usually always have an effect, but this is often not what one has planned. But this should be a game approach and not a punishment. The goal is that rituals are also an adventure, which are far more than the stubborn working off of agreed rules.

With these words you all have a lot of fun with magic, mysticism and play.

If you have any questions, please contact Artefakte@mythodea.de . We are looking forward to your rituals and miracles.

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