ConQuest 2018 – A plot review

For most the ConQuest is already two weeks past but the last truck was unloaded in Regensburg only last Monday. In the days since we already had time to read a few feedbacks and to collect results. High time, then, to give you a brief review here.

What actually happened?

For several years now, the ConQuest no longer aims to tell a great story for all participants. This approach ended with the abolition of the big stage shows and is also not planned for a revival. Instead, for many years we have concentrated on an exciting introduction, a coherent scenario and numerous manageable individual stories at banner level, which you can experience and follow from start to finish. Of course these stories are connected and who forgoes any sleep and is ready to run long distances can certainly play more than just one of them. For everyone else, here is an overview and a short summary of the results:

This list is partly only understandable, if one has experienced at least a part of the story already. Telling the whole stories on the blog would go beyond it’s scope and is not the idea of this post either.

  • The Worldforge was destroyed in a massive explosion just before the start of the game. Their remains were spread all over the area and turned out to be irreparable. But the explosion also uncovered an ancient apparatus that could be adapted in such a way that the centre of Mythodeas‘ magical „leyline“ network could continue to exist even without the forge of the world.
  • In all of the surrounding areas, elementary sparks appeared, which one could absorb in oneself in order to learn more about the elements and oneself.
  • Stone Father, a member of the World Council, returned to the world to teach mortals how to protect Mythodea from worse with the help of the ancient apparatus.
  • The workshop was badly damaged. During the repairs it was decided to keep the Forsaken knowledge so that the studio continues to take a tightrope walk. However, the Talla’kesh binding was slightly altered and is now a little more „elemental“ than before.
  • The Sephor’assil were freed from their dependence on the workshop.
  • The Lance of Eternity could be recovered there and led into the fight against Shey ksun Aret (whereby it was destroyed).

The workshop is being repaired.

  • The Laird Igraina performed daily rituals to strengthen her power and gain access to the leylines of Mythdoea. She was able to complete three of her four rituals undisturbed, which helped her to great power, but because of the settlers‘ completion of the apparatus, her plan with the leylines failed.
  • Although a good dozen players managed to arm themselves for a duel with Igraina, it was only on Friday evening that they were able to penetrate her ritual circle effectively and in large numbers. The final duel on Friday evening fought Harras von Grauenfurt and finally killed the Laird. It remains to be feared, however, that this made her the new Queen of Bones. (As visions of her at night and an apparition at the Saturday battle should suggest.)
  • The Unity Banner had a tough and hard to reach opponent with the butcher Joseph. Only on Saturday he could finally be hunted down (which is not for sure the final death of an undead man).
  • Through this victory, however, the Unity gained at least the last part of the phalanx of memory, another apparatus component. Here, too, the part was 100% finished and handed over to Stone Father.
  • In the Temple of Terror the story of the Vahar’phobaran as well as the Tanaar and Urr’gulnar continued. Each found lively interest and it remains to be seen what the „terror“ will bring to Mythodea in the years to come.
  • The „Cloak of Terror“ was also brought into play, gained by a warrior and brought into battle against the Forsaken.

Igraina meets up with the butcher Joseph.

The resurrected Ni’Shanhaz.

  • In the Banner of Explorers a „ghost wanderer“ was created and trained, whose task in the future will be to watch over the state of the Mythodean leyline network.
  • The Explorers also produced the „project leader node“, one of the four parts of the apparatus. The long-standing scholar and leader Peppin died during the final handover to Stone Father.
  • Also among the discoverers, the reawakened Ni’Shanhaz was finally destroyed. Her long-time companion, the defected Da’na Da’ush also died.
  • Together with the Explorers, the Retinue Banner succeeded in completely destroying the network of rats (spies of the Army of Doubt).
  • The secrets of the Seers and the new mineral Pyarmidium have also been completely cleared up in the Retinue. It was even possible to process and refine the Pyramidium. Important note: Unvarnished Pyramidium fell apart to worthless dust immediately after the ConQuest.
  • With a little help from the orcs, the Freedom Banner  finally managed to destroy the bell of Corpsdale.
    In addition, the crystal memory, another part of the apparatus, could be repaired and completed. This plot was also a complete success.

Mebreth on the Black Throne.

  • The Adamant Banner finally succeeded in destroying the dreaded Abbot of Eysenfest, a mighty undead.
  • They also accomplished to repair and complete their own apparatus component – the adamant heart. Stone Father thus acquired the fourth and last component.
  • The dagger of the Episcorpa, which has been in storage for a year, has finally been completely destroyed. The recovered Chattragorioth (the Thorn from the Honorable Heart), however, is in safe custody in the Seal of the East.
  • The griffin portal was completely purged on Saturday evening and the last remnants of the soul of the former eastern archon Thorus could finally find peace.
  • Mebreth was also finally destroyed in the Adamant Banner after she was removed from the Black Throne.
  • Shey ksun Aret had conjured the Dreamspike (also „Black Throne“) as well as the Golden Throne on the remains of the Worldforge bowl in order to gain power over time and the primal soul of Mythodea by use of these constructs. To this end, she allied herself with the Black Ice.

Die destroyed Worldforge bowl.

  • The Vahatar of Justice successfully won the Golden Throne against the Ottar Khan of the Black Ice and tied herself to it. Mebreth, the last dreamwalker of the Pestilence, also had little chance of defending the Black Throne against the Vahatar of Destruction.
  • As the Vahatars (bearers of the Swords of Power) realized that the thrones were too powerful to purify them of Shey’s influence, they sacrificed themselves to completely destroy them with the help of former Archon Tuachal. Through the connection created by Shey, the Worldheart of Kelriothar was also utterly destroyed (which led to the destruction of all remaining souls in Kelriothar).
  • Shey was weakened by the loss of her thrones, the betrayal of her new „lover“ Darin (from the Viribus Unitis) and the end of her alliance with the Black Ice. In this state she was finally defeated by the two Vahatars of Fusion, the last Vahatar still alive. Former Vahatar Ganura was the only survivor of this.
  • In all these deeds, the help of the purified Sim Galiadh was of great value, even if she was still met with much suspicion.
  • The dormant souls of Almanahdir and Almahandra were also awakened from the Dreamspike and reshaped in the process. The last remnants of Orphalioth, thus again released, turned away from the Tivar Khar’assil and left to a new and distant task (without going into it in more detail).

    The Vahatar of Justice takes the Golden Throne.

  • Only a small group of Toria Edalphi were saved from the destruction of Kelriothar. The Ad Adrasta quarter cooperated with Mirrorlady Thier’ma to escort the Edalphi safely to Mythodea (after approval by the Banner Council).
  • After the death of Shey ksun Aret, the players succeeded in putting the parts of the apparatus together and connect it to the remains of the Worldforge. This was only achieved because all Banners had worked together to this single goal over the course of the last three days. In defending this ceremony, Gariann, the Nyame of the South, sacrificed herself as well as her Neches’re to protect the ruins of the World Forge from the Laird Emeline.
  • The Archon of Thorns, Karl Weber, had died a hero the day before defending his homeland against Shey ksun Aret, thwarting the plans of the Sceptic.
  • The final Primordial Sceptic Exar Charon sent a message to fulfill his agreement with the Banner Council to support the settlers in the destruction of the Mirrorworld and it’s Forsaken heart. He was also invited by the rulers of Mythodea to a meeting as well as the execution of his sentence. So far, however, it has not yet appeared…

Archon Karl Weber sacrifices for the Realm of Roses.

All information without guarantee. Corrections will be made where necessary in the coming days.

Ein Gedanke zu “ConQuest 2018 – A plot review

  1. Talla’kesh bond is completely elemental. So it’s not just „a slight shift“.
    The Sephor’assil are still part of the attalier / workshop. Some of them no longer have implants that allow them to be controlled by the heralds.
    The powersource of the workshop can also still accept forsaken energy
    The attalier has gained multiple improvements; The ability to „shield“ areas to create a quarantine, better diagnostics and other smaller improvements.
    The diplomats from House Dashaan, after accepting a deal with the settlers (in which they indicated they would renounce the forsaken elements and rejoin the blessed elements, including support needed to end the undead threat once and for all), were massacred by other settlers.


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