Interview: Jana Pouchlá & Court of Moravia

Anfang des Monats machte auf Facebook und YouTube ein Video die Runde, das auf charmante und sehr leicht zugängliche Art und Weise das Thema LARP erklärte und direkt Lust auf Liverollenspiel erzeugte.

Die tschechische LARP Orga Court of Moravia produzierte dieses Video und zeigt darin einen Teil ihres weiten Spektrums an LARP-Ideen. Von kurzen Tavernen-Cons in den verschiedensten Settings bis hin zum Wochenende-füllenden Abenteuer.

Ich sprach mit Jana Pouchlá, einer der Gründerinnen des Courts, und fragte sie als erstes einmal, wer sie eigentlich ist und was sie so macht:

Hi, I’m Jana Pouchlá, 27, from Brno and play larp since 2004. I really like nonfictional plots, blackbox larps between theatre and roleplaying and educational larps. I´m one of the first members of Court of Moravia, larp lectuerer, larp designer and larp promoter. Larp is simply big part of my life for more than seven years.

So… what’s LARP all about in the Czech Republic? What do you people play? Your short film depicts a french revolution setting – is that just todays trend in Czech or a major thing?

Most of the larps are outdoor fantasy battles or shooting games in post-apocalyptic settings (60%). The video reflects a new and quickly growing community around chamber larps (which have grown to 40% during past five years).

We have something similar but please explain how those „chamber LARPs“ work!

They are short scenarios designed around one strong plot, ten to fifteen characters and interesting themes. French revolution is just one from these themes; you can become a pirate, a Hollywood star, a kid in an elementary school or a Rock star as easily.

And that is what the Court of Moravia specialises in?

Court of Moravia is an larp organization focusing on larps with strong plots, deep emotions and lifelike characters. We rarely use fantasy or supernatural topics.

So what do you do? What kinds of projects?

Currently we have 15 members and more than 30 volunteers who are involved in projects like developing new games, propagation of larp to general public, international larp festival etc. Our biggist goal is to present larp as great free time activity for adults, who want to spend their time in an active and social way.

Why did you feel the need to produce a promotional LARP film?

It is very hard to describe shortly what larp is and why it has a great entertainment value. It could be almost impossible to imagine how is a larp played out, what does it look like, that it requires no acting skills etc. This video is trying to explain all this questions and show, where is the fun and that it is really an interesting hobby.

I totally agree. But whom do you want to make curious? Where do you use this material to get some attention?

We use it everywhere we can. Of course the best impact is at the social networks, because we want larpers to show this video to their friends, families, teachers, coworkers and say: „Look this is what I´m talking about all the time.“

Your website provides lots of material on your events in English but what about your events? Do you have plans for an „international“ one that German players (who don’t know any Czech) can take part in?

We tried to organize some international larps, but it is not easy to tease the international audience. So for now the only event you can join (and are warmly welcomed to do so) is the international chamber larp festival Larpweekend. It takes place in Brno each autumn and all larp enthusiasts are invited. You can try wide range of chamber larps from Czechia as well as from other countries around Europe. There will be at least 5 chamber larps during the weekend played in English.

This sounds very professional. Do you also create settings on demand?

If you want to try something really special, we would love to organize Noir, an atmospheric detective larp, for English speaking players. It is exclusive 360° experience for 5 men, limo and one city. To get the idea, you can watch and play the interactive video.

Ausschnitt aus "Noir" (interaktives Video)

Ausschnitt aus „Noir“ (interaktives Video).

The ConQuest in Germany has hundreds of non-German players every year from England, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Belgium…We will even start a new camp in 2012, the „Newcomer’s Camp“ (but it’s not only for beginners but also travelers from abroad, so „Wayfarer’s Camp“ might be more apropriate). But we do miss Czech players at the ConQuest…

Czech people in general are worried to speak English and also roleplaying in a foreign language is not a piece of cake. At Larpweekend we have lots of people who enjoy larping in English and it is great encouragement for them.

So the language is the only barrier here?

Well, the other main obstacle is that our larpers don´t use latex weapons, and softend wooden swords are not really compatible with latex weapons. Unless you are a really brave warrior!

So the Czech LARPers are likely to stick to their own „LARP soil“ for the moment? Please don’t take this the wrong way… Germans are a particularly picky type as well when it comes to speaking German on LARPs.

Who knows, maybe one day someone will open our fantasy scene to the rest of the world. Right now there is no emergent need to unstick from our larp soil.

Thanks a lot for your time. And thanks again for such a great video on what LARP is all about!

Mehr Infos über den Court of Moravia findet ihr übrigens auf der oben verlinkten Homepage sowie auf ihrer Facebook Seite.


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