Interview: 16.000km Anreise (Nelson Gallardo)

Nelson ist Mitglied des LARP Vereins „Philosopher’s Guild“ mit Sitz in Melbourne (Australien). Er LARPt seit vielen Jahren und hat vor kurzem den Plan gefasst, nächstes Jahr gleich mit einer ganzen Gruppe Australiern auf das ConQuest zu fahren. Gibt man seine Reise-Route in Google Maps ein, ist selbst die Seite, welche einem rät von Kanada mit dem Kajak nach Japan zu fahren, sprachlos. Grund genug für mich, mit dem ConQuest-Teilnehmer, der die längsten Anreise vor sich hat, ein Gespräch zu führen…


Shade’s LARP list has mor entries for Australien than German LARP groups – probably because most people here don’t know or care about that list. But still – it’s a funfact. And still I can’t imagine what LARP could be like down under. In Germany it all started in the late 80ies…

Its hard to say when exactly LARP started in Australia. As you can imagine Australia is a very large country – from side to side it is over 4,000 km’s. I can only answer for New South Wales and Victoria unfortunately (editor: this includes most of the southcoast but none of the eastcoast cities). LARP started in Victoria in the 80’s. One of the clubs (PG – Philosopher’s Guild) started in the 90’s when one of the organisers broke away from the main club. At this time New South Wales had a number of clubs, but they all closed down due to the high cost of insurance. Currently there are 3 clubs and each club averages 2 weekends and 2-3 day events per year. In PG the mailing list has 90 participants, however not all attend every event.

Stargate LARP (zum vergrößern anklicken)

Stargate LARP (zum vergrößern anklicken)

What do you play? Classic „Lord of the Rings“ – Fantasy or something else?

In Victoria we have a number of different mixed era’s. One of the clubs plays a Lord of the Rings style game (PG), another club is a steampunk era (Zeppelin) and the third club is a lasertag based on Stargate and scifi (military combat/scenarios with roleplaying).

Thats a wide variety but similar to Germany. I would guess you have a rather large reenactment scene as well…

In Australia the re-enactments have much bigger crowds with 40-60 considered on the small side. Re-enactment is about authenticity versus characterization, In re-enactment groups the quality of kit is superior, but there is absolutely no characterization. In Australia there are re-enacters (largest group), SCA, and then LARP. Organisation seems to be higher with re-enactment due to the sheer size of the events.

This sounds pretty familiar as well. But over here the quality of LARP costumes greatly increased over the last years.

We are slowly improving for LARP, the PG club goes above and beyond to prepare costumes for NPC’s, an event in May had 40+ costumes build with an event in November having heaps of new monster costumes.

Improved equipment, costumes, etc. to increase the „full immersion“ effect…

Yes. This is highly important. After all we all want to escape reality to a degree. I am a banker/manager so its great to roleplay on weekends away. The ambience needs to be there as well as story continuation, in our events it is about interacting with other players, NPC’s and seeing the politics at work and dynamics of different political factions at play. Our standard is no where near what is expected in Germany, we don’t have the numbers for it but we are slowly improving with kit improving all the time.

I can see all that, but where do you play? I’d imagine you’re lacking castles and ruins 😉

It depends on the event and club running the event. We utilise a scout camp just outside of Melbourne which has a number of lodges for accommodation (male/female dorms), toilet blocks, a hall, kitchen and mess hall. There are two locations, one which is on a hill and another which is in flat ground.

The Philosopher's Guild (zum vergrößern anklicken)

The Philosopher’s Guild (zum vergrößern anklicken)

In Germany it’s sometimes difficult to find a location that has no highway, power-line or irrigation running through it. I could imagine you have a lot more „untouched nature“.

Certainly – both sites have ample space, with bridges, woods, creeks and rivers running through them. It is here that scenarios are played out with the buildings representing different locations. Zeppelin has hosted some day events in local parks, once again different kit compared to stargate or fantasy base.

How did you hear about the ConQuest of Mythodea and why did you decide to visit next year?

I guess I have seen your YouTube videos in the past, however recently I had some time off work and really started searching and reading up on ConQuest. Basically I found the people from Germany to be incredibly open to the idea and Rick from the UK expedition has been a great mate and very welcoming. As a result I felt that I could just not miss out and wanted to share the idea with my community here.

But heck – it’s still the other side of the globe!!

This is the first time that anyone here in Australia has really considered going in a group. We all feel very excited about next year and in meeting and participating with you all. As you can imagine costs can be quite high to travel from Australia to Germany. We are still number crunching but it looks like it will be a few thousand dollars for each participant.

Hm… some time back we had a distance- or travel-ticket-discount… something like 10% per 1000 km. Let me check if this can be applied to Australia as well! Not that this sum would matter compared to your travel costs… 🙂

Still we are excited and hope to make a great representation of Australian players, and will be getting into the thick of it without a doubt. We will be joining the UK expedition as a unit in the company and look forward to meeting you, the other organisers and all of our friends in the UK and Germany.

I’m amazed to meet you next summer. And Ricks expedition sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks a lot for your time, Nelson!

As we say here, see you soon mate!

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5 Gedanken zu “Interview: 16.000km Anreise (Nelson Gallardo)

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  2. Hi all,

    Thank you for your kind words. We are all really looking forward to joining you all in Germany. So far there are 6 of us and its going to be great to come over 🙂


  3. Hmmm!?

    I will learn to know the australian players.
    Maybe I can stay with my Bath-House in the town area on CQ 2011?
    please please please… *look lovely* 🙂

    nice regards


  4. Wooohooo!!! So great to see you*re truly undertaking this adventure mate! 😀
    I’m definitely going to seek you out whichever camp you will stay in. Just to have a chat 🙂

    Good luck with all the organizational stuff though!


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